Glacial Waters Bar Bracelet

Brigitte Schultz

Glacial Waters Bracelet:

Montana's rivers are a thing of wild beauty. This bracelet, featuring the glacial blues of a frozen river, captures some of the magic of winter. It's made of high quality materials and is very comfortable to wear. It's a great choice for any woman who loves the outdoors and wants to feel closer to nature.

Montana River Bracelet Features:

  • The bracelet is plated with fine silver to ensure a bright white color and to help protect against tarnish.
  • The bracelet extends to 8.5 inches.
  • The one of a kind image is coated in a waterproof UV resistant resin. 
  • Made from .925 sterling silver 
  • Made by hand in Portland, Oregon
  • Comes on a card with the original image

These pieces will look very similar to the pictured piece, but since they are handmade, there will be small differences in the look.

 FOTO by FOTographer Brigitte Schultz