About Us

The best inventions are often happy accidents born from experimentation and the desire to make a feeling physical. Foterra Jewelry (formerly Lane Tanner Designs) exists because of a creative spark that wouldn’t die, beautiful photography that nobody saw, and a last minute adventure to Haleakala.

But before I get into that story, allow me to introduce you to the hands and hearts behind Foterra Jewelry. I’m Morgan - your happy designer, and that’s Josh, my husband, your creative FOTographer.

Before I launched Foterra full time, I spent a decade and a half as a costume designer for the theatre - a job I loved, the hours...I didn’t. Jewelry design began as a hobby, and I experimented with materials and vintage photographs, but it didn’t feel particularly inspiring or suited to who I am and the things I value.

One afternoon, I discovered Josh’s colorful photography of Hawaiian places we love sitting unseen in folders on his computer, and I thought these are the images I should be using - these mean something. I began experimenting with techniques and received positive feedback, but it wasn’t until we found ourselves deep in the Haleakala crater that I decided it was time to make a real change.

Hiking Haleakala

With my work schedule, it was almost a miracle we were able to get away to Maui for the weekend, but, as they say, miracles do happen. As we hiked, I noticed the stillness inside the crater. No city traffic noise, not many birds chirping (just the occasional nene honk),and no requests from urgent bosses. I felt hugged by the crater, supported by nature. Soon the cadence of my feet and the quietude of Haleakala set me to day-dreaming and desiring.

Resting in Haleakala

What if this was my normal weekend, not the perfect exception? What have I been missing with all this work?

I realised I missed my artwork and my creativity had taken up residence elsewhere. My jewelry-making came a sad second when things got busy at work, but recently it seemed like I was ALWAYS busy.

THIS, this journey in nature, is living, I thought. And THAT life of creative void and constant work is NOT.

I want THIS, and suddenly, I knew what I had to do. In the crater of that deceased volcano, I made a decision to leave my job and launch my jewelry line.  
Haleakala Crater Jewelry Collection
Through the collaboration of Josh’s photography and my designs, we seek to share with others what’s truly important in life - experiences, memories, adventure and connection with each other and nature.
The jewelry you’ll find here is more than a souvenir, more than an ornament - it’s an emotional experience you can wear.

How It’s Made

Every sterling silver or 14k gold framed piece is cured in resin making it waterproof, durable and slightly transparent. This translucency allows the sun to shine through making it luminous and bright. All the photographs are taken in Hawaii by Josh Astern and each piece is lovingly handcrafted by Morgan Lane Tanner.

Na Mokulua Mokes Jewelry Collection


Please keep in mind that, because each piece is handmade and one of a kind and I’m not a factory, nothing will be exactly duplicated. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have by clicking HERE.



Morgan and Josh