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Sunset is My Favorite Color Slide Bracelet

Josh Astern


Hawaiian Sunset Bracelet:

The image used to create this Hawaiian sunset bracelet was taken from Waimanalo looking towards Manana Island (Rabbit Island) off the coast of Oahu. It makes you feel as though you could walk off the sand right into the sky. The vibrant colors of the sunset draw attention and become a conversation piece. The Manana collection can brilliantly express your connection to this place. 

Sunset Inspired Bracelet Features:

Each gold or silver dipped bracelet is complimented with vibrant nylon cord that SLIDEs right through a Foterra bead to fit anyone's wrist.

These pieces will look very similar to the pictured piece, but since they are handmade there will be small differences in the look. 

 FOTO by FOTographer Josh Astern