Photography Inspirations: Behind the Scenes at Foterra Jewelry with Fotograph/r Alexa Hope

October 12, 2018

Photography Inspirations: Behind the Scenes at Foterra Jewelry with Fotograph/r Alexa Hope

California based landscape photographer Alexa Hope knows her way around a camera. Snapping pics since the age of 12, Alexa’s journey with photography began in the most scenic of places; the Grand Canyon.

“That summer my father gave me a hand me down Nikon and packed our whole family into a van to head out on a 3 month long cross country trip. I remember walking along the rim of the Grand Canyon, camera in hand watching the sun set and, later in the season, standing at lower Yellowstone Falls watching it come up thinking, ‘I want to fill my life with this beauty.’”

This experience instilled an appreciation for nature and an excitement for photography that’s stuck with her to this day. This is what drew us to her photographs… well this and her crazy entertaining instagram stories. Seriously. Stop what you’re doing and and go watch them… I’ll wait.

Alexa’s featured photo of Mount Hood (used in the "A Walk In Nature..." jewelry collection) was taken at Trillium Lake in Oregon. At first, this photo mission began as a disappointment. “The mountain was covered in clouds and it didn’t seem like I was going to get the shot. I was ready to pack up my gear and call it a day. Luckily my friends convinced me to stick it out and see what happened and I am so glad I did!

We’re glad she stuck it out too! The deep purples and blues of the shot capture the mood and moment at dusk when the air's just gotten a little chilly, the birds are sleepily singing, and the loudest noise you hear is the crunch of the ground below you. Yeah, you know that moment.


We are so excited to have Alexa as our newest Foterra Fotograph/r. Stay tuned for more jewelry collections, featuring her gorgeous photography! Or check out her website to purchase a print. 

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