Our Newest Collection!

March 14, 2017 1 Comment

Our Newest Collection!

Our newest collection was inspired by a most unusual celestial event: a simultaneous sunset and moonrise.  While the sun set below the mountains, the earth's shadow cast a beautiful aqua blue over the ocean's sky.  A full moon, low on the horizon, reflected the subtle orange hues of the sun.  The drifting clouds grabbed the moon's golden glow to provide a warm-cool interplay of tones, setting the scene for this Mokumanu design.


A shape reminiscent of a crescent moon pays homage to the lunar event that colors this collection. The photograph was snapped off the eastern shores of Oahu on a  perfectly serene evening overlooking Kaneohe Bay.  You can see the island named Mokumanu, the namesake of this jewelry and now a protected bird sanctuary, standing firm on the horizon. Fun fact: "Moku" is Hawaiian for "island"! 

Truth is, we were lucky with this one.  I didn't know there would be a moonrise.  We went to shoot the east side of the island knowing we wouldn't see the sun set over the western horizon. With the right conditions, interesting purple, pinks, and aqua hues color the sky in the opposite direction from the setting sun, and this is what we were hoping to capture.   All beaches in Hawaii are public, and we were on a shallow strip of sand behind some modest, albeit waterfront houses.  A sweet auntie came out of her house to talk story while we were shooting, and she told us to hang out an extra few minutes because the moon was about to rise right in front of us.  I guess you've got to be good to be lucky?


The Mokumanu collection may also have special meaning to those of us with family and  friends that serve in the military.  Oahu is a strategic spot in the Pacific for the US Armed Forces and all branches have a presence here. The peninsula in silhouette at the bottom right of this jewelry is the Marine Corps Base Hawaii.  I think we all recognize and deeply appreciate the incredible sacrifice our military families endure for our country. Lane Tanner Designs thanks and salutes you! 

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Linda Webb
Linda Webb

June 15, 2017

I received the diamond head bracelet. I am very impressed. I have received many complements. Please make more bracelets

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