New Photo Jewelry Collection by Fotographer John Baran

March 03, 2020 1 Comment

New Photo Jewelry Collection by Fotographer John Baran

This month we are unveiling our new underwater photo jewelry collection "Under the Sea" featuring photographic scenes of turtles, sharks, and dolphins. It's a glimpse of a world rarely seen... unless you adventure underwater! This week we are featuring Fotographer John Baran. One of the talented photographers whose photos are showcased in this collection. 

Shark Necklace

Fotographer John Bran is an accomplished photographer and a serious adventurer. John travels the world, capturing his amazing experiences in photos. His favorite subject to photograph is animals in their natural environment. Photographing, sketching, and spending time with these animals and watching their behavior helps John create works of art that are vibrant and full of life.  He has swum with sharks, giant manta rays, manatees, and dolphins.  He has also come within feet of white rhinos, cape buffalo, leopards, lions, American alligators, and African elephants, to name a few.  

John is not only a talented photographer but an accomplished painter as well! He uses his photographs as a study to paint vivid underwater scenes on canvas. 

One interesting fact about John is an oddly shaped scar on his back that came from an underwater encounter. He was photographing a group of sea turtles when he felt a pinch on his back. Luckily, John knew to keep calm and float along as he slowly flipped himself over to see the culprit. I know what your thinking... shark! But no, instead, he found a curious little turtle looking up at him. Later he decided to use the bite scar as his logo. At least he can say that his logo is like no one else's! 

Check out John Baran's Foto Jewelry collection and the entire Under the Waves Collection today! It's perfect for that mermaid in your life. 

Shark Earrings Underwater Photo Jewelry

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Kelly Wisner
Kelly Wisner

March 09, 2020

I have some whale shark photos from my time in Hawaii if you’re interested in those!

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