Fundraiser for Kauai Flood Relief

April 17, 2018

Fundraiser for Kauai Flood Relief

We've been watching all the images of the flood damage in Kauai from this past weekends storm, and the north shore community has been devastated. Our island neighbors need help. After doing some research on where to send donations, we decided to create a fundraiser and hope you can support this effort. We’re offering $10 gift cards for only $5 ... all the proceeds will go to the Hanalei-Haena Flooding Fund and the Hawaii Red Cross

Hanalei Before and After Flooding

Hanalei Before and After

It is reported that dozens of homes and businesses have sustained damage. Supplies are needed for the community and the people assisting in the cleanup. Yesterday (Monday) morning it was reported that 350 people had to be rescued from the area. Luckily there have been no casualties from the flooding. 


According to the Hawaii DOT, the water level this weekend reached 14.6 feet at one point underneath the Hanalei Bridge. Because of this and multiple landslides, the Kuhio Highway—the main road into Princeville and Hanalei—will remain closed until the Kauai Emergency Management Agency can declare it safe, effectively cutting off the region from the rest of the island until further notice.

Please note! You can buy multiple cards but due to the nature of the discount and how it is collected in the checkout portal they can only be used on one purchase at a time. If you make multiple purchases and would like your items to be put into one shipment shoot us a note HERE. We will refund and condense the shipping charges into one. 

Let’s raise some money together and malama (care for) Kauai. Thank you from the Foterra Jewelry Team!

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