Foterra Fotographer Kelly Rice

May 19, 2020 1 Comment

Foterra Fotographer Kelly Rice

If you love pretty plumerias you are going to love our newest photo jewelry collaboration by Honolulu based Foterra Fotographer Kelly Rice. But Kelly's not just pretty pink flowers. There's a lot more to her landscape photography than florals. We sat down to learn more about her artwork, and what inspires her photography.

How did you get started in photography?
I enjoyed photography as a kid, capturing moments, and having a hard copy image to remind me of my family, friends or occasions. In Jr. High, I took a photography class where we learned the entire process with black and white film. I loved having a vision in the moment, followed by the creation of producing a tangible reflection of the moment. Kinda mind-blowing to freeze time!

Black and White Photograph Kelly Rice

What do you enjoy most about the medium?
Photography is a way to express myself to the world. I wear my heart on my sleeve and sharing my emotions is what I'm on this planet for; connecting to people is what life is about. Photography is one medium for me to be vulnerable and connect. That said, I enjoy everything about the process: loading up my gear, venturing out alone in nature, editing, titling, and even matting prints.

What’s your favorite season to photograph? Why?
Do we have seasons in Hawaii?? 

What’s the most exciting place you’ve photographed?
I'd say the most exciting place I photographed was flying over Oahu in a helicopter! What a unique perspective and a breathtaking experience. One of my top three shots is of Diamond Head and the south shore.

Diamond Head Beach

What makes a visually compelling photograph?
For me, a visually compelling photograph is related to the composition and it strikes up emotion or a feeling.

What is the best photo tip you got when you were first starting out?
Art is subjective.

Are you feeling inspired to pick up a camera and try your hand at photography? Or maybe just to go check out Kelly's jewelry collection? Check out her new photo jewelry collection HERE!

Photographer Kelly Rice

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Claire Melton
Claire Melton

July 08, 2021

I love the necklace my daughter gave me for Mother’s. Day this year. Colors remind me of Hawaii. Stunning!

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