Brand Ambassador Lizzie

September 20, 2016

Brand Ambassador Lizzie

We are stoked to introduce Lizzie! Our brand ambassador of the week!

Lizzie is a pediatrician from Maine, and is excited to be a Lane Tanner Designs Brand Ambassador! She is busy with several jobs as a pediatric emergency physician and as a pediatric hospitalist; she does, however, maximize her downtime when she is out of the hospital. She loves to run, cycle, SUP, surf, kayak, ski, hike, camp… you name it, she’s on it! She loves to paint, wood burn, garden, cook and craft. She is also blessed to live in Maine, one of the top US destinations for craft beer!

She has a dog named Mosley who was named after the pro skier, Jonny Moseley. Her must have super power would be the ability to rapid recover so she could just bounce right back after a long work day, a race or just life stress. She feels like she is a unicorn. Her favorite color is Turquoise or Aquamarine and her sign is Aries. Lizzle feels as though she could live without most things but she absolutely could not live without her integrity and a sense of contribution to the greater good. Her mother is her biggest  role model because she is the strongest, sweetest most generous and genuine person she knows.

This year brought many challenges, not the least of which being her mom’s very unexpected diagnosis with stage 4 lung cancer. Upon learning of this diagnosis, she started to paint her face daily with what she calls her warrior paint. If you follow her her on Instagram, you will see that in many she is adorned with delicate daily variations of face paint. Somehow this and the power of positive energy have been working as her mother is doing very well in spite of this rugged diagnosis! While she did not intend to set a trend, she has been approached often about her face paint and feels that any warrior should feel welcome to share in her tradition.

Rock on Lizzie! We are stoked to have you here!

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