Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

January 28, 2015

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Hey you! Yeah! I’m lookin’ at you…

What did you get your lady for Valentine’s Day? Hummmmm? Well, I have the perfect gifts for your outdoor loving wahine with these Hawaiian jewelry pieces. Keep reading if that describes your girl (or you!).

For the hiking enthusiast – Old Pali Road Earrings:

Some of the best hiking trails can be found just off the Pali Road just outside of Honolulu. There is a network of trails all through the Nu’uanu Valley some leading to Waterfalls (Waipuilani Waterfall Hike), or to beautiful overlooks (Pali Puka) or even to historic ruins (The summer home of Kamehameha or Kaniakapupu). This area is the perfect place for every hiker because any level of hike can be found there. The image that was used for these earrings was taken within this beautiful area and are perfect for the outdoorsy lady!

For the surfer girl – Rainbow and Palm Tree Earrings:

The perfect pair of earrings for the surfer girl! The image was taken on the north shore (where the waves are currently HUGE!) and is set in the shape my customers have dubbed “the surfboard”. One nice thing about this jewelry is that it can be worn in the water. The image will never fade and the sterling silver just needs a quick polish if it becomes discolored from the salt water. Couldn’t be more perfect for the surfer in you life.

For the beach bunny – Kaimana Sunset Necklace:

It doesn’t have to be all about hiking, swimming and surfing. Sometimes a nap on the beach is all I want to do and one of my favorite spots to do this is Kaimana Beach just outside of Waikiki. It is an easily accessible beach if you live in town, and it doesn’t get the massive Waikiki traffic that some of the other beaches get. It is a great place to catch a sunset like the one in the photograph that was used to create this necklace.

Well I hope this helps you pick the perfect gift for your girl. And ladies… pass this on to your Valentine if they need some direction! I’m sure the hint will be appreciated!



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