How Do I Know My Art Products Will Sell?

September 08, 2021

How Do I Know My Art Products Will Sell?

We know the struggle. It’s so hard to put your art out there. Will people like your work? What will the naysayers have to say about it? Will anyone buy it?

So many questions that won’t have answers until you put yourself out there.

But it’s scary. We get it. We’ve been through it ourselves time and time again with our designs here at Foterra Jewelry.

So we’ve got a bit of encouragement for you when you’re asking yourself how to know if your products will sell. Plus, a great way to get started — read on to learn all about it!

How Do I Know If My Collection Will Sell?

Let’s just rip the bandaid off and get this out of the way. You don’t know if your products will sell. You simply can’t know until you try.

There’s no way to know what will resonate with someone. But, the good news is that there are lots of people in the world. Somebody is bound to love your product, it’s a statistical probability!

Plus, when you use a print-on-demand service like what we offer at Foterra Jewelry, you don’t have to make a big investment. You don’t have to worry about merchandising or carrying an inventory. You simply design your jewelry digitally and we’ll make it when people order so you don’t have to invest in materials. There’s a very low overhead cost, it’s pretty much just the time you put into it.

Then, you get paid when it sells — easy peasy!

How Do I Not Waste My Time?

Your time is pretty much your biggest investment when using a POD (Print On Demand) service. How do you make sure not to waste it? Choose something different than what all the other artists are doing. It seems like everybody’s got a line of pillows and mugs these days and people only need so many.

So think about what your customers would like. Not sure if they’ll resonate with a specific product? Ask them! Post a picture of your ideas and use an Instagram stories poll to get feedback.

Foterra Can Help Create a Selling Product

Here at Foterra Jewelry, we offer an innovative service that is not your run of the mill print-on-demand. We create beautiful, eye-catching jewelry using photographs — and we can do it with your photographs and artwork!

Not sure how to design photo jewelry? Not a problem! We’re super hands-on and are dedicated to helping you succeed. Artists who partner with us can schedule design consultations and submit multiple designs, we’ll help you decide which ones will most likely resonate with people the based on our experience.

Excited to give it a try? So are we!

We are hosting a mini jewelry design workshop. Learn how to choose the best photos, scenery and get an inside peek at what it's like to work with Foterra! Click here to register for the free workshop.