Blue Peaks Earrings

Brigitte Schultz

sterling silver
gold filled

Mountain Sunset Earrings

These earrings are more than just a pretty accessory - they're a reminder that there's so much out there to see and discover. They'll add a touch of adventure to any look. So go ahead and indulge your wanderlust with the Blue Peaks earrings. Who knows? They might just inspire you to plan your next big adventure.

Mountain Earrings Feature:

  • The earring measures to 1.25 inches in length
  • Fan-shaped pendant
  • The one of a kind image is coated in a waterproof UV resistant resin. 
  • Made from .925 sterling silver or 14k gold filled wire
  • Made by hand in Portland, Oregon
  • Comes on a card with the original image

These pieces will look very similar to the pictured piece, but since they are handmade, there will be small differences in the look. FOTO by FOTographer Brigitte Schultz