The Rainbow State: Exploring Rainbows in Hawaii and Rainbow Jewelry at Foterra

June 23, 2023

The Rainbow State: Exploring Rainbows in Hawaii and Rainbow Jewelry at Foterra

Hawaii - The Land Of Rainbows

Hawaii is known for its sparkling beaches, tropical flora, and picturesque landscapes. But did you know that it’s also the home to some of the most stunning rainbows in the world? The beautiful arches of vivid color that span the Hawaiian skies have deep symbolic meanings in Hawaiian culture. They represent aloha, unity, and hope - the inspiration at the core of Foterra Jewelry's Rainbow Jewelry Collection. Explore the magic of rainbows in Hawaii, discover their significance, and learn how you can wear them close to your heart with Foterra Jewelry.

Rainbow at Diamond Head Oahu Hawaii

Why rainbows are so common in Hawaii

Hawaii and rainbows go hand in hand. The islands' unique geology, climate, and position on the Pacific Ring of Fire make it a perfect spot for rainbows to form frequently. The combination of high humidity, intense sunlight, and frequent tropical rain showers creates the perfect recipe for a rainbow display. The famous Kauai Island, also known as the Garden Island, has been officially crowned the "Rainbow Capital of the World," with an average of 240 days of rainbows a year. 

Meaning behind rainbows

Rainbows in Hawaii are more than just a natural wonder; they have significant cultural and spiritual symbolism tied to them. In Hawaiian culture, rainbows are seen as a sign of the gods' blessings, and they represent the bridge between heaven and earth. The word for rainbow in the Hawaiian language is 'anuenue,' which means divine messenger. It is believed that if you see a rainbow while thinking of a loved one, that person is being showered with blessings from the gods. Rainbows also symbolize unity and hope for a brighter future, making them a powerful emblem of Hawaii's values.

Rainbow Jewelry Collection at Foterra

Foterra Jewelry's Rainbow Collection celebrates the magic of rainbows and the values they represent in Hawaiian culture. Foterra Jewelry was born in Hawaii, and the values and culture of the islands are so important to us. The Rainbow pieces are not only a stunning way to add a pop of color and shine to any outfit, but a special way to keep your rainbow memories close to your heart. Wherever life takes you, you can channel the magic and the blessing of rainbows with Foterra Jewelry.

Rainbow Earrings at Foterra Jewelry

Hawaii's frequent rainbows bring a sense of magic and wonder to the islands. People who visit Hawaii are sure to witness some of the most jaw-dropping rainbows they'll ever see. These rainbows are a symbol of Hawaiians' culture, their beliefs, and their way of life. Foterra Jewelry's Rainbow Jewelry collection is an embodiment of this natural phenomenon. These pieces serve as a reminder of the beauty and magic of rainbows, both in Hawaii and elsewhere.

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