Photo Tips For Beginners With Foterra Fotograph/r Vince Lim

October 26, 2018

Photo Tips For Beginners With Foterra Fotograph/r Vince Lim

Have you ever gone to take a photo of a beautiful sunset, a sweeping vista, or a rushing waterfall, looked at the final photo and... Blah! It's just not how you thought it would turn out.

How do these professionals do it?!?!

Recently we sat down with Foterra Fotograph/r Vince Lim to ask him for some behind the camera inspiration and tips. This is what he had to say:

Find a story

What are you trying to say with your photography? Vince finds that it helps to find a story in the photograph. “What I look for an ideal location, is something that tells a story and something that really captures the beauty of the islands” This is where Vince starts, with the beauty or the interesting parts first. For him composition comes second. So when you are looking for your shot, look for the interest points before you line things up.

Shoot with friends

Photography with friends is not only fun it’s educational! When you shoot with others you inevitably learn from them and them from you. “What I really love about collaborating with other photographers is that you learn so much just being out there shooting alongside somebody.”

Check out meetups like… sony meetups, instagram meetups, (ask josh). Photography clubs often have monthly competitions. This will not only bring some (healthy) competition, but it will push you to try new techniques that you may have never thought of on your own. Want an education from a professional? Check out Creative Live’s extensive list of photography classes and chat with the other student’s live during the course.

Get inspired

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Vince gets his inspiration from all kinds of artists who work in many different avenues of photography. “I'm really a student of the arts and I really love all aspects of photography whether it be street, night photography, landscape, Seascapes, you name it.”

You may have a very fixed idea of the photography you want to pursue. Try not to stay confined to one style. You never know where experimentation and inspiration may lead! Make sure to check out what others are doing, you never know who or what will inspire your photography.

Find a meaningful subject

A true piece of art comes from the heart. This is important to Vince. His latest shots come from a very special place. “Recently my photos have my fiance as the subject. This has changed from when I first started (photographing seascapes) and I want her to be a part of that process as well.” A meaningful subject will add so much life and interest to your photos.

Now it's your turn

Are you ready to Foterra? You can make your own custom jewelry using your very own photographs! Follow Vince's inspiring tips and you too will be creating your own photo jewelry piece like a pro. 

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 Post by Foterra Founder and Designer Morgan

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