Foterra Featured Fotographer Jennifer Ritterman

October 26, 2021

Foterra Featured Fotographer Jennifer Ritterman

Macro Photography Turned into Jewelry

Jen Ritterman finds beauty in the details. Passionate about macrophotography, she knows how to zoom in the camera lens and reveal hidden beauty in the everyday; from iridescent water drops to the lace of a dragonfly’s wing, her images are surprising and keep you staring. 

Finding the hidden details in nature

She’s been interested in art for as long as she can remember, and started taking photos as a hobby, getting out her camera when she needed to relieve some stress. Before long though, taking pictures became her full-time passion. Jen says, “I love finding the beauty hidden in the small details of nature, mainly in my own backyard.”

Transforming everyday images into wearable art

Her extreme closeups have the power to transform everyday objects, like straws or condensation on a soda can, into mysterious objects that make you take a second look. That curiosity is what she strives for - she loves that moment in photography “when an instant glance at the work draws you into the subject and makes you feel something.”

Capturing the small scenes

For anyone else trying to find magic in the mundane, she recommends shooting “the same subject over and over at different times of the day changing the angles and the distances.” As well as helping to shift her perspective of the world around her, photography also pulls her to spend time outdoors in the natural spaces around her hometown of Fargo, North Dakota. Whether it’s a frosty Midwestern winter day or a summer sunset, Jen knows how to capture the scenes’ small and unique beauties.

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