Foterra Featured Fotographer Hanna Tornyai

November 04, 2021

Foterra Featured Fotographer Hanna Tornyai

Exploring the West though photo jewelry

Hanna Tornyai brought a camera on her first trip to the US after her wedding, and the honeymoon period has never ended. Now based in Santa Maria, California, she’s still in love with America’s diverse and beautiful landscape. She explores these themes within her newest photo jewelry collection at Foterra. 

Creating a colorful photo jewelry collection

She keeps her relationship with photography fresh by focusing on the way it engages her creativity and playing with the colors she finds around her. She also sees it as a reason to travel, explore the natural world, and enjoy the fresh air. Time and time again, Hanna finds that “the world is so beautiful and so worth sharing!”

Practice Makes Perfect

After graduating from the New York Institute of Photography, she started work as a professional photographer. Even after years of practice in the medium, Hanna says “It is difficult to say what genre of photography I prefer. I love photography as a whole, but always try to contribute something personal whether it's a portrait, a landscape, a flower or just a glass of water.” Whatever she turns her lens to, her care and attention to detail rise to the surface of the image.

Peep Hanna's jewelry collection here! 

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