Old Pali Road: Hiking Nu’uanu Valley

March 22, 2016

Old Pali Road: Hiking Nu’uanu Valley

Are you ready to hit the trails of Hawaii? The Nu’uanu Valley is the perfect place to experience the magic, mystery, and vibrant beauty of the O’ahu landscape.

It’s the inspiration for the Old Pali Road collection.

The photos for this collection were taken just off Old Pali Road near the Nu’uanu Pali Lookout, and are filled with the vibrant blues, greens, yellows, and purple that make the pieces pop when worn with a complimentary ensemble.

The Lookout is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike because of the area’s historical significance and amazing views.

Pali Notches

This hike is not for the faint of heart. It includes hiking and a fair amount of climbing at heights that are too much for me!

From the Pali Highway you will see two notches cut into a narrow ridge line. The notches are man made, created by the warriors of ancient Oahu, and used for cannons to defend themselves from Nu’uanu Valley attacks. It wasn’t until 1795 that King Kamehameha’s warriors disabled the cannons in the Battle of Nu’uanu, helping him conquer O’ahu.

Josh taking some shots at the top! Photo by Frank Silva

Since I am not a Hawaiian warrior, the hike is way too challenging for me! One hike I will brave? The Pali Puka trail. This isn’t an easy hike either but it’s quick and worth it for some spectacular views!

Pali Puka Trail

Located near the Pali Lookout, a tourist favorite, the Pali Puka trail follows the narrow ridge line of the Ko’olau Mountains. While it takes about 30 minutes to complete the hike, you will probably want to take longer to enjoy the scenery.

Photo by Unreal Hawaii

Because the trail is exposed, hikers get a panoramic, not to mention breathtaking, view of O’ahu’s windward coast that includes Kailue, Kane’ohe, and Kualoa. When you reach the peak, there is a small hole or puka. Legend says this is where Hawaiian warriors would hide while waiting for approaching enemies. Be sure to exercise caution… don’t throw it too the wind! The westside trade winds can really whip up there.

Are you ready for your Nu’uanu Valley adventure? Grab a piece of the Old Pali Road collection for yourself or the adventurer in your life and head to the trails!

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