Ocean Inspired Jewelry by Bethany Strickland Art

February 01, 2021

Ocean Inspired Jewelry by Bethany Strickland Art

New Jewelry By Bethany Strickland

Bethany has spent most of her life near the water, and her love for the ocean comes through loud and clear in her stylized, island-inspired art. Originally from Connecticut, Bethany has been growing her mixed media practice on Oahu. The island's natural beauty has really informed her soothing color palette, soft textures, and smooth lines. 

Art began as a stress relief, but has turned into an essential part of Bethany’s life. She sees art as a means of exploration. Unless she’s working on a commission, she lets her brush roam until she lands on her final image. She feels “a sense of liberty in that creative space I just can’t find anywhere else.” 

More than being something to beautify our spaces, Bethany believes that “art is a visual fragment of mind, body, and soul. It is emotion, experience, and personality captured on medium. It can reveal who we are, where we've been, and who we want to be.” When she decided that who she wanted to be was an artist, she says the best advice was as much about personal growth as it was art: “one’s worth is not defined by successes, failures, or anything else outside of themselves. Worth comes from within.” 

Through her art, she hopes that the viewer can feel the tranquility and love she feels for the landscapes, “that artist and viewer can share a connection, even without ever meeting, through art.”

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