Moon Jewelry

October 28, 2020

Moon Jewelry

Get In Touch With Your Moon Energy - Moon Jewelry Collections at Foterra!

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been an... interesting year. This spooky season, the witchy vibes are feeling a little more real. Everything’s been a bit wonky and maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with this October’s particularly eerie astrology.  To get you back on astrological track, we've created (in collaboration with Fotographer Kerry Daly!) two amazing moon jewelry collections. And just in time for a Halloween Full Moon! 

This month, we have not one but two planets in retrograde (really, 2020?) Mars, the warrior planet, has been moving backward since September, which means that intense things - think goals, ambition, and sex - can feel frustrating. In case the Covid situation wasn’t stagnating enough, there’s this as well. Then there’s Mercury, which controls communication, travel, and technology (so maybe hold off on buying that new iPhone). When Mercury is in retrograde all of these things can go awry; I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed some tragic communication skills in the news lately and travel is a no-go. Makes you wonder…

As well as the double retrogrades, October has two full moons! The first one appeared at the start of the month and was the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox, making it the Harvest Moon. Algonquin tribes in the Northeast called this the Sanguine Moon, the Dying Grass Moon, and the Blood Moon in reference to the changing color of the leave and the dying of plants that happens in fall. The next full moon will be on Halloween and this one is a triple threat. It’s the Hunter’s Moon, the full moon following the Harvest Moon, and got this name from the Algonquin tribes to mark the time of stockpiling for winter. As the second full of the month, it’s also a blue moon, making it an expression for infrequency, i.e. “once in a blue moon, we have two planets in retrograde at once in the same month that we have two full moons.” This will be a minimoon as well! Don’t worry, 2020 didn’t shrink the moon or make it run away from us, it’s just that the earth and the moon are furthest away from each other this time of year, so the moon only looks smaller.

With all this going on in the sky, we thought it would be appropriate to launch a new line of moon inspired jewelry. Our first pieces come from the incredible Kerry Daly, a Maine-based photographer who uses her camera to share her love of the natural world. Embrace your witchy vibes and get your own full moon necklace now for fall! 

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