Make Your Own Custom Photo Jewelry With Foterra Jewelry!

November 09, 2021

Make Your Own Custom Photo Jewelry With Foterra Jewelry!

Customize Your Own Photo Jewelry Creations

Have you been having fun browsing the lovely designs here at Foterra Jewelry? There are many amazing artists who have created beautiful photo jewelry pieces for you to enjoy.

But...something’s missing.

You’d love a piece of jewelry featuring your happy place, your artwork, or the photo that you’re so proud to have taken.

Guess what? You can do it with our custom photo jewelry!

Choose Your Image

First, choose the image you want to use in your custom jewelry piece. Not all images work well for photo jewelry. Try to choose something colorful or a subject with good contrast. Check out this article for more tips on choosing an image.

Still having trouble deciding? No problem! Book a one-on-one jewelry consultation with Morgan, our expert photo jewelry specialist. She’ll help you choose the perfect image for your custom photo jewelry that will have you falling in love with the piece every time you look at it.

Choose Your Shape

We offer a range of custom jewelry shapes you can choose from to create your pieces. These include:

  • Swooping waves and mini-waves
  • Long and short bars
  • Big and small fans
  • Heart-shaped pendants
  • Dainty and elongated teardrops
  • Long and mini surfboard-shaped pendants
  • Classic circles
  • Elegant elongated triangles
  • Crescent shapes

These shapes come in a variety of jewelry types. Choose earrings, a bracelet, a necklace, a ring, or even cufflinks for the men.

You can truly customize your photo jewelry exactly to your liking with our custom styles!

Enjoy the Benefits of Sturdy, Feather-Light Jewelry

All our custom jewelry pieces are made with waterproof resin that encases the photograph and protects it even in humid or wet conditions. We use your choice of high-quality .925 sterling silver or gold fill that lasts well.

Plus, the materials are super lightweight, even the longer dangling earrings won’t weigh down your earlobes!

Browse our collection of custom jewelry shapes today and make your own epic photo jewelry today!

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