Issa De’ Mar & Tiny Bubbles

May 09, 2016

Issa De’ Mar & Tiny Bubbles

I first came across Issa De’ Mar at an Art and Flea event in Waikiki. It was sweltering and Issa De’ Mar had a booth right across from mine. I kept eyeing their dresses like a glass of water in the desert! They looked so light and airy. I wanted to be out of my clothes and into theirs immediately! So when there was a lull in customers I ran over and grabbed this super cute mini dress and hustled right back to my tent to stealthily change into it.


Why it’s the Perfect Pairing

The Tiny Bubbles Collection and these sundress cover-ups are perfect for the beach and out on the town. They are both easy to wear and durable. You can get them wet, soak them in the ocean, and they’ll survive. Then, when you’re done at the beach, there is no need to change, wear them out to dinner with a pair of chunky heels (or slippers…it’s Hawaii after all!).

Get the Look

Pick up the Tiny Bubbles Collection here, and a Issa De’ Mar dress here.

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