Giving December! - HomeAid Hawaii and Foterra Jewelry

December 01, 2020

Giving December! - HomeAid Hawaii and Foterra Jewelry

Foterra Jewelry is excited to be partnering with HomeAid Hawaii this giving season. We will be giving a portion of every sale to HomeAid to help them with their mission of housing Hawaii's Homeless now through the month of December.

This mission of fighting homelessness is near and dear to Foterra Jewelry... though it may seem like an unlikely pairing. Our studio is located in Chinatown, where many of Honolulu's homeless gather and spend their day. There's been a noticeable uptick in the homeless population in our neighborhood since the pandemic has hit, and it's been hard to see so many people in need. The team at Foterra got tired of sitting by and watching our homeless neighbors struggle. 

It is my belief that the best way to lead someone out of homelessness is by providing them with a home. And HomeAid Hawaii does just this. By applying the proven concept of creating housing for homeless communities - not just shelter. The most recent concept to illustrate this is the Kauhale Villages, a community comprised of 36 tiny homes to be built in Kalaeloa, Oahu. Homelessness is a community issue, not an individual issue. Nani Medeiros, executive director of HomeAid Hawaii explains:

"The villages will be home to some of our neighbors who have experienced long-term, persistent homelessness. What makes the kauhale village so unique and compelling, is the element of being community driven and community-centered. Contrary to past efforts to focus on a "housing first" model and enhanced "enforcements" or "sweeps" of homeless encampments, the kauhale village puts people first, community first." 

Established in 2015, HomeAid Hawaii is a 501(c)-3 non-profit created and funded by developers and building industry partners. HomeAid Hawaii builds and renovates shelters, properties, and housing options owned, operated, or managed by qualifying local non-profits who provide housing or services for individuals, families, and youth experiencing homelessness in Hawaii. HomeAid works with local building and development industry professionals to provide discounted or pro-bono labor, supplies, and materials for approved projects in our Housing Program. HomeAid Hawaii also provides community support through our Outreach Program which includes hygiene kits, comfort kits, work ready kits, community engagement and development, events, programs, and partnerships.

We are excited to be giving $5 of every sale to this amazing organization. Learn more about HomeAid Hawaii, and to donate directly, visit them at

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