Gifts For Mom That Are Better Than Flowers

April 20, 2021

Gifts For Mom That Are Better Than Flowers

Have you realized it yet? Mother’s Day is just around the corner! The nice thing about Mother’s Day is that it gives us all a great reminder to show our moms how much we appreciate them. Flowers are a nice way to do that, but they fade so quickly.

Wouldn’t it be nice to give your mom a floral gift she will be able to appreciate for years?

Check out our gorgeous floral jewelry for some fantastic ideas!

Beautiful Bouquets 

Flowers are always a nice gift, especially if your mom is into gardening. Gardeners are notorious for filling their homes and gardens with fragrant blooms.

Even if your mom isn’t a gardener, who doesn’t love a colorful bouquet of flowers? Not only do they say “I love you and am thinking of you” but also bring a bright spot of color into the home. We could all use a little more of both of those with all this time being spent apart.

The only problem with flowers is that they are fleeting. Floral gifts only last a few days. Maybe a couple of weeks if you’re lucky! While it’s a nice gift form mom, it’s doesn’t give her a lasting memory.

Floral Jewelry: The Perfect Gift for Mom

Here at Foterra Jewelry, we have the perfect alternative. Make your gardening mother’s heart sing with a floral gift that will last for years instead of days. Our exquisite floral jewelry is uniquely crafted from photographs of real flowers.

From delicate purples to deep reds, we have a variety of flowers to choose from. Pick your mom’s favorite flower or her favorite color and watch her eyes light up when she opens her thoughtful, everlasting floral gift.

Familiar Favorites

In our collection, check out familiar favorites that your mom might love to grow in her own backyard. For example, a delicate pink rose or the majesty of a tulip in full bloom.

She’ll love the sight of her favorite flower, immortalized in resin so that she can wear it every day!

Tantalizing Tropicals

Of course, since we’re based in Hawaii, some of our familiar favorites are a bit more tropical. We’ve filled our collection with colorful blooms such as the classic Hawaiian Plumeria flower, the eye-catching birds of paradise, and the tiny pink blossom of a starfruit flower.

Artsy Abstracts

The wonderful thing about our jewelry is that you can turn simple plants into art. That’s what we love about some of our more abstract pieces that focus on the flower or leaf’s veins to create an intriguing look.

How about an extreme closeup of a leaf? Or the striped pattern produced by a closeup of a fern?

Check Out More of Our Floral Gifts

Make this a Mother’s Day your mom will remember. Whether you can be with her in person or not for this special day, she will be sure to appreciate a meaningful gift of flower jewelry from the heart.

Check out our entire collection here!



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