Foterra Featured Fotographer Merr Watson

July 08, 2021

Foterra Featured Fotographer Merr Watson

Merr Watson is an aerial photographer and visual artist from the Philippines currently working in Perth, Australia. She got her first camera when she was 18 and she loved experimenting: “Everything to me at that time was photo worthy and interesting to shoot as I was starting to see and capture different perspectives that I wasn’t normally used to seeing.” Because of this interest in capturing unique angles, aerial photography gave her an immediate thrill when she added a drone to her practice in 2015. Entering the world of aerial photography offered her the creative fulfillment she’d been searching for. 

Merr says, “Nothing excites me more than creating unique one of a kind content that gets people really experiencing the beauty of a place vicariously through my photography and travel films.” Connection, through her art and through her travels, are at the foundation of her work. Coming from a country with a harsh socioeconomic reality has made Merr live her life with gratitude. She finds less richness in material possessions than in moments and experiences that she can capture through her lens. She says, “I live my life trying to invest in moments that I know I’ll remember for the rest of my life instead of buying things that really give little to no meaning to me at all. For me, I live for experiences and connections! It’s probably why I always have a constant urge to travel more because when I do, I’ll be opening myself up to all these new experiences that I know are going to be worth remembering.”

Her advice for anyone looking to get started in drone photography? Find a subject you love, shoot and fly A LOT, don’t be afraid to experiment, and keep at it!

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