Butterfly Jewelry Delightfully Captures Nature's Beauty

November 02, 2021

Butterfly Jewelry Delightfully Captures Nature's Beauty

Photo Jewelry Capturing Butterflies in Nature

Is there anything more delicate and lovely in nature than a butterfly’s wing? You would be hard-pressed to find something! It is mesmerizing to watch these gorgeous creatures as they dance among the flowers, on the hunt for a mid-day snack.

Here at Foterra Jewelry, our photographers and artists are always on the lookout for things in nature that would make a beautiful jewelry design. With their colorful patterns and intricate designs, it’s no wonder that these delightful creatures caught the eye of more than one of our artists!

Check out the gorgeous butterfly jewelry designs they have created with images of these wondrous insects.

Sunny Yellow Butterfly Jewelry

Looking to add a little sunshine to your jewelry collection? This image of a yellow butterfly resting on a bright yellow flower from Fotographer Doug Salvatoriello is the perfect addition!

The bright colors made this jewelry pop and the intricate pattern of the butterfly’s wing adds intrigue and texture to the design. Available as a teardrop necklace or set of teardrop earrings.

Rainbow Butterfly Jewelry

Doug Salvatoriello’s work appears several times in our butterfly jewelry collection. One of his larger collections features a rainbow-colored butterfly. Blue, yellow, black, and green all make an appearance on the wing of this gorgeous butterfly.
Currently, the image is available on bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces. Most of them are circular, but there is one set of surfboard-shaped earrings.

Monarch Butterfly Jewelry

The monarch butterfly is a familiar sight for many people living in the US. Despite this, people are still intrigued by the beauty of this colorful butterfly’s wing. The black, reds, and yellows create an interesting contrast that makes a stunning jewelry piece!

Photographer Kelly Kreger has captured a lovely image of this delightful creature and turned it into a stunning teardrop necklace and set of teardrop earrings.

Teardrop Dark Butterfly Necklace and Earrings

Kelly Kreger captured another gorgeous butterfly image that we have fallen in love with. This dark butterfly necklace features a black butterfly’s wing with gentle pops of orange and purple. It sounds a little strange to describe it, but when you see it, we think you’ll agree that it’s magnificent!

The small teardrop style is perfect for adding a touch of color to a neutral outfit or to complement your favorite fall ensemble. Available as a necklace or set of earrings.

Blue Morpho Butterfly Jewelry

The large blue morpho is such a gorgeous butterfly and its shimmering blue color is perfect for creating versatile jewelry that will complement almost any outfit. Because of this, we have several pieces made from images of blue morphos captured by two different artists.

Cara Koch’s Butterfly Jewelry

This image of a blue morpho comes to us from the jungles of Costa Rica through the work of Fotographer Cara Koch.

Her butterfly jewelry collection features surfboard-shaped pendants showcasing a portion of the butterfly’s wing. There is a brown stripe at the top followed by a generous swath of the lovely blue of this unique butterfly’s wing balanced out with another brown stripe with tiny white dots at the bottom.

Choose from surfboard-shaped blue morpho butterfly earrings, necklace, or two different bracelet designs with this collection.

She also has a second image of the same blue morpho butterfly with its wings closed. The underside of this butterfly’s wings is a soft brown color with an intricate “eye” pattern designed to confuse its enemies.

However, this interesting design turned into a set of butterfly jewelry doesn’t confuse us in the least. We love the soft browns of this unique jewelry piece that will pair well with almost any outfit for virtually any occasion.

This design is available as a teardrop butterfly necklace or set of earrings.

Doug Salvatoriello’s Blue Morpho Butterfly Jewelry

Doug Salvatoriello has another blue morpho image that we absolutely love. The jewelry focuses on the signature bright blue color of the butterfly’s wing with no distractions.

These pieces are available as teardrop-shaped earrings and necklaces as well as a set of long bar butterfly earrings.

Dragonfly Wing Designs

Okay, so this collection of designs aren’t made from butterfly wings, but they’re close enough and so gorgeous we just can’t pass them up. Fotographer Jen Ritterman is incredibly talented in the realm of macro photography and her dragonfly wing images are a perfect example.

She has beautifully captured the intricate delicacy of the dragonfly’s wing — even though it is so tiny! We’re wondering how she got these dragonflies to pose so perfectly for her.

Her images also feature lovely colors behind the wings that really make the images pop. One shimmers with shades of blue, aqua, and a hint of yellow. Another showcases turquoise, pale pink, and a touch of yellow. A third image glows with a beautiful purple shade of a flower complemented by the deep green of a nearby leaf.

Currently, she has three dragonfly wing collections available in bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces. Get lost in their beauty today!

Photo Jewelry at Its Finest!

Here at Foterra Jewelry, we have always been dedicated to producing high-quality jewelry pieces that you can enjoy for years.

We use .925 sterling silver or gold fill for all our pieces. The photographs are encased in high-quality, waterproof resin that makes it possible to wear the jewelry in humid conditions or even in the rain without the worry of damaging it.
Furthermore, the materials we use are feather-light so even our larger pieces won’t weigh down your earlobes or make you feel encumbered.

With our gorgeous butterfly jewelry collection, you can take these colorful little bits of nature’s finery with you wherever you go. Shop the complete butterfly jewelry collection today!

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