Brand Ambassador Bethanne!

July 15, 2016

Brand Ambassador Bethanne!

Who’s our Brand Ambassador of the week? It’s Bethanne!

A little about Bethanne: She is Midwest born and raised, but her beach lovin’ gypsy soul made her dream of Hawaii life come true when she moved to the Island in 2014. Her day job for the past 10 years (until today!!) has been product and business development of apparel for various retailers. When she is not working, you will find her at the beach, hiking, or doing crazy workout moves, health coaching, traveling, hosting get-togethers, or in her favorite can’t live without creative space, the kitchen using her self-taught skills!

Learn more about Bethanne and her journey in health and fitness at Random Imperfect Bliss.

Bethanne’s favorite color is green and she is a dog lover. Her favorite drink is seltzer water or a nice glass of red wine. If Bethanne was granted a super power she would want the ability to teleport so she can go to Wisconsin to see her family and miss all the airport drama that comes with traveling.


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