Best Gifts For The Woman Who Loves To Travel

October 12, 2020

Best Gifts For The Woman Who Loves To Travel

If you're a traveler, you get it. Every time you go on a trek around the world you see so many wonderful things that you wish you could scoop up and carry with you. You treasure your memories and you take lots of photos, but how do you keep those wonderful memories present with you?

Photos can end up in photo albums on your coffee table, which is lots of fun. However, they’re not exactly portable. Digital photos, which are a bit more portable, can easily get lost among all the other photos on your phone.

So, how do you keep those memories alive and display them in a place where you’ll get to see and enjoy them?

Why not wear them as jewelry?

The gorgeous places you’ve visited (or want to visit) are perfect accessories for the avid traveler. And, with things as they are right now with travel restrictions, who knows how long it will be before we can all get out and explore the world once more? Visual reminders of favorite destinations make the perfect gifts for those whose wanderlust is kicking in hard. Check out these amazing photo jewelry ideas that make the best gifts for her!

Photo Jewelry Gifts

There are so many gorgeous destinations on planet Earth. It only makes sense that they can be turned into stunning and fashionable jewelry. At Foterra Jewelry, we have a list of incredibly talented photographers who provide us with stunning images that we can turn into unusual and eye-catching jewelry.


Photo earrings come in a variety of shapes and styles including dangling earrings and posts. Hoops are gorgeous with a half-circle section filling the bottom with a beautiful image of something in nature.

Wave shapes a perfect for showing off the ocean, and teardrops are great for showcasing flowers. Circular posts are fantastic for spotlighting a single subject, such as the silhouette of a tree or lighthouse. Many more stunning designs give you an array of options to choose the perfect gift.

Wave Earrings Foterra Jewelry


Pendants are a fantastic way for your gift recipient to wear her favorite destination (or dream destination) close to her heart. Ocean, sunset, floral, and mountain scenes give you the chance to choose a unique gift that is sure to delight the recipient. There's something for every traveler!

Bamboo Forest Necklace


Bracelets allow the wearer herself to fully enjoy the beauty and brilliance of her photo jewelry gift. Choose from three basic styles, the elegant chain bracelet, the more casual slide bracelet, and the fun and flirty bangle bracelet.

Chain bracelets with a long bar great for showing off the gorgeous line where the sky meets the sea. The more casual look of the SLIDE collection is perfect for everyday wear. Choose from 7 colors for the nylon cord to personalize the look of the bracelet even more.

Lauren Roth Art Bracelet

Sunset Jewelry Collection

Is there anything on Earth more brilliant and more colorful than a sunset in all it’s incredible glory? We’ll let you be the judge of that, but we certainly do think sunsets images make lovely jewelry!

Browse our sunsets collection and decide for yourself. Would the brilliant oranges and yellows of “Sunset Is My Favorite Color” make the perfect gift? Or would the more muted blues of our “From This Day, Diamond Head” more suit your giftee?
Take a look here and see what jumps out at you.

Sunset Jewelry

Mountain Jewelry Collection

The mountains always provide a plethora of stunning vistas to photograph striking images. And our varied mountain jewelry collection showcases the range of beauty these locations boast.

From bamboo forests to mountain mists to the colorful display of the Northern Lights, this collection offers a wide variety of breathtaking images to choose from.
Check them out here as a gift for your intrepid traveler!


Personalized Photo Gifts

Perhaps the most unique gifts for travelers are those created from their own photos. Professional travel photos are glorious and most likely more “better” photos technically speaking. However, photos that your traveler friends have taken themselves hold a special meaning.

With a customized piece of jewelry made from her own travel photos, the recipient of your gift will be taken back to the moment when she took the photo. It will remind her of what she saw and how she felt on that trip. It is the priceless gift of keeping her travel memories alive and close to her heart.

 Custom Photo Jewelry Gifts

How to Choose a Personalized Photo Jewelry Gift

Start by browsing our extensive selection of shapes that you can use to create a custom piece of jewelry. We offer a variety of pendant shapes that can be used as earrings, necklaces, and even dangle bracelets. Choose from circles, hearts, long crescents, ocean waves, teardrops, fan-shapes, bars, and more.

Next, you’ve got to choose the photo you want to use in the jewelry. Be very careful about your selection. Choosing a photo for a small piece of jewelry isn’t the same as choosing a photo for larger photo gifts like mugs or pillows.
Photos of people often don’t work well, although something like a silhouette against a sunset sky can work because of the strong contrast. In general, choose something colorful that will stand out or an image that has plenty of contrast. Learn more here about choosing the perfect photo for your custom photo jewelry HERE!

Heartfelt Gifts for Travelers

COVID-19 restrictions have affected us all in different ways. The avid traveler, however, is especially affected. Travelers are an adventurous group of people who love to get out and experience the world. They like to explore new locations, meet new people, learn about different cultures. COVID-19 restrictions have put virtually all of that on hold.

A thoughtful piece of jewelry showcasing a destination your special traveler loved exploring or would love to visit one day, is the perfect way to show you care.
Then, one day when things get back to normal, she can go visit that spot and send you a meaningful picture of her showing off her special piece of jewelry.
Browse our jewelry collections or order your personalized photo gifts for women travelers today!

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