Perfect Pairing: ConfiDANCE Clothing

February 09, 2016

Perfect Pairing: ConfiDANCE Clothing

January has come and gone, and that means one thing. Valentine’s day is on it’s way! To some this means an exciting romantic night with the significant other, and to others it’s a night at home with a bag of marshmallows and The Notebook (oh, Ryan Gosling…).

But seriously, why should you have to stay in while the couples have all the fun? Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about romantic love. What about the love you have for your best friends? Let’s take back this Hallmark holiday and make it a girls night!

And the perfect clothing to sport on this girls night/girl hang/adventure? ConfiDANCE clothing. They were founded by friends! ConfiDANCE Clothing is owned by three friends, Emily, Stephanie, and Camille. They met a few years ago through dancing Salsa. Always on the go, traveling from rehearsals to performances to evenings of social dancing, they soon discovered that it was difficult to find clothes that matched their active lifestyle. Enter ConfiDANCE Clothing!

Why it’s the perfect pairing:

Lane Tanner Designs is made to go from day to evening just like the comfortable and fashionable ConfiDANCE clothing; clothes that you could effortlessly take from the gym to the dance floor… and even to the beach! 


The Beach Bum – Start your day at the beach! Soak in some sun and when you’re done, throw on this cute blue and white tie-die romper. The Na Mokulua collection is a perfect match, and is just as easy to wear as the romper.


The Yogi – Head to yoga class with these stylish turquoise ombre leggings and long sleeve backless top. The top is easy to throw on after class and the Manana Island earrings are so lightweight, you can wear them during class. This comfortable but chic outfit won’t weigh you down.

The Dancing Queen – When you are all done getting your ohm on, you can meet up with your friends for a night on the town! These dresses are easy to throw on over yoga clothes, dance attire or bathing suit. No need to change jewelry, you’re ready to dance the night away!

So make sure to check out ConfiDANCE before your next night on the town. And be sure to pair you cute new outfit with Lane Tanner Designs!

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