Pine River Earrings

Brigitte Schultz

Montana River Earrings

What better way to keep a little piece of nature's tranquility than with these stunning Pine River Earrings? Inspired by the beauty of Montana, they feature an image of pine trees reflected on a river, set against a backdrop of stunning mountains. Crafted from high-quality materials, these earrings are both beautiful and durable. Take them on your next adventure - they're ready to take anything you throw their way!

Pine Tree Inspired Earrings Feature:

  • These earrings dangle about 1.5 inches from the earlobe, creating an elegant modern look. They are feather light despite their length!
  • The one of a kind image is coated in a waterproof resin. Wear them anywhere in any weather (humid, rainy, hot, cold), and the jewelry will still look great.
  • These earrings are made from hypoallergenic sterling silver, making them perfect for sensitive ears.
  • Made by hand in Portland, Oregon
  • Comes on quote card with the original image

These pieces will look very similar to the pictured piece, but since they are handmade, there will be small differences in the look. 

 FOTO by FOTographer Brigitte Schultz