Take Them Back To Their Happy Place...

At Foterra Jewelry, we know our customers want to be outdoors, at the beach, or enjoying a sunset. These are their happy places. The place that gives them peace, relaxation or even a little adventure. While many of us are unable to visit our favorite outdoor spots, right now there’s a collective yearning to return to these experiences. With our experiential photo jewelry, we bring our customers back to their happy places.

Take Your Customers on an Adventure...

Our timeless jewelry features photographs of the world’s most stunning natural scenery
Customers are drawn in by our vibrant jewelry and transported by the quotes on the packaging. Our quotes provide the perfect sentiment for gifting.

They’ll launch an adventure when they browse Foterra, spending extra time in your store exploring the beautiful photo cards and complementary designs.

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Images Shot By Professional Photographers

We curate our photos from network of professional photographers from around the country. Handmade in Honolulu, Hawaii, we’re artists supporting artists! Our growing community of Foterra Fotographers receive royalties from every sale!