Rainbow Butterfly Post Earrings

Doug Salvatoriello

Butterfly Earrings

From caterpillar to chrysalis, butterflies are some of the most beautiful symbols of transformation. With it's close up digital painting a butterfly's wing, these handmade earrings are an eye-catching reminder of the possibility of renewal.

Butterfly Garden Earrings Features:

  • The one of a kind image is coated in a waterproof resin. Wear them anywhere in any weather (humid, rainy, hot, cold) and the jewelry will still look great.
  • Made from .925 sterling silver and come with a hypoallergenic earring back. Perfect for sensitive ears!
  • Round stud earring measures approximately 10mm
  • Made by hand in Portland, Oregon
  • Come carded with the original image

These pieces will look very similar to the pictured piece, but since they are handmade, there may be small differences in the look.

    Doug Salvatoriello photo jewelryFOTO by FOTographer Douglas Salvatoriello